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Anna Kyra Kefalidi Heyman was born in Gelendzhik, Russia; she grew up in a Greek-Jewish-Russian household. Anna Kyra immigrated from Russia at the age of 10. 

The family went through two tumultuous divorces. Anna gained independence early, and moved out on her own at 17 - eventually adopting her younger sister, and raising her into adulthood. 

Having obtained a degree in Advertising Design, Anna Kyra was on the "sensible" career path; working as a junior art director - all the while secretly wishing to place herself into her own commercials. After 7 years in the advertising industry (2 of which were spent taking night and weekend acting classes) it became clearer that being an actor was a full time passion for Anna; and it required a full time commitment. 

Anna has been a dedicated student with Terry Schreiber Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, Gordon Hunt Workshop, and Susan Batson Studio. Along with acting skills, Anna volunteered at a local horseback riding barn in exchange for classes and has become a proficient equestrian; eventually giving beginner riding lessons.

In her spare time she paints - specializing in surrealism. She speaks fluent Russian, and American English without an accent (unless a role calls for one). 

She has worked on short films, television shows, commercials, video game motion capture, virtual reality film, audio book narration voice over, and print modeling projects. Goal role: Ellen Ripley's long lost granddaughter in the next Aliens film installment + video game + animation project.

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